• Cardano’s price increased by 30% in the past seven days, charting the majority of these gains in the last 24 hours.
• Key Support levels are $0.30 and $0.24 while Key Resistance levels are $0.34 and $0.38.
• Trading volume exploded during this rally, reaching levels not seen in the past two months.

Cardano (ADA) has seen an impressive surge in its value over the past week, with the majority of these gains being made in the last 24 hours. The price of ADA rose from $0.24 to an impressive $0.34, with the bears managing to reject the price at the key resistance. This has been a remarkable achievement for the cryptocurrency, as it has been able to break through several key levels of resistance while also holding onto its support levels.

The volume of trading has also increased significantly during this rally, reaching levels not seen in the past two months. This is a strong indication of the level of interest in the cryptocurrency, with traders eager to buy and sell ADA in an attempt to capitalize on the current market conditions. This is an encouraging sign for the future of the cryptocurrency, as it indicates that more and more people are becoming invested in the project and its potential.

Support levels for ADA are currently set at $0.30 and $0.24, while resistance levels are set at $0.34 and $0.38. If the price is able to break through these resistance levels, then it is likely that the price will continue to rise. However, if the price is rejected at these levels then it is possible that the price could fall back down.

It is difficult to predict exactly what will happen with Cardano in the short-term, but with the current levels of trading activity and the bullish sentiment in the market, it looks like ADA is in a good position to continue its upward trajectory. It is also worth noting that the team behind Cardano has been pushing out numerous updates and improvements to the cryptocurrency, which could help drive the price even higher. For those looking to invest in ADA, now is an excellent time to do so.

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