Vermögensverwalter akkumulieren 1,2 Millionen Bitcoin

Während Vermögensverwalter 4 % des Bitcoin-Volumens angehäuft haben, haben private und öffentliche Unternehmen ebenfalls jeweils 1 % angehäuft.

Vermögensverwalter und Unternehmen akkumulieren 1,2 Millionen Bitcoin im Wert von 57 Milliarden Dollar

Etwa 6 % des zirkulierenden Bitcoin-Volumens wurde von Vermögensverwaltern und Unternehmen angehäuft, was ein Zeichen für die zunehmende Akzeptanz von Kryptowährungen durch die breite Masse und institutionelle Anleger ist.

Laut werden derzeit 816.379 BTC im Wert von 40,1 Milliarden Dollar von 14 Bitcoin-Fonds-Emittenten und Vermögensverwaltern gehalten – das entspricht 4 % des Angebots der Kryptowährung.

Der Branchenführer, der Grayscale Bitcoin Trust, repräsentiert mehr als 3 % des Bitcoin-Angebots und verwaltet 654.600 BTC (im Wert von 32 Mrd. $). Der XBT Provider von CoinShares liegt mit 48.466 BTC (2,4 Mrd. $) an zweiter Stelle, was 0,23 % des Angebots entspricht. Die übrigen 12 Emittenten repräsentieren zusammen 113.313 BTC oder 0,54 % des Angebots.

Der Datenanbieter verfolgt auch 34 börsennotierte Unternehmen, die BTC in ihren Bilanzen halten, die zusammen 1 % des Bitcoin-Angebots ausmachen.

Die Hälfte aller von börsennotierten Unternehmen gehaltenen Bitcoin befindet sich im Besitz von MicroStrategy, das seit Anfang Juli 3.907 Bitcoin zu seinem Vorrat hinzugefügt hat und nun 108.992 BTC im Wert von 5,3 Mrd. $ hält.

Auf den Elektroautohersteller Tesla entfallen 20 % der von Privatunternehmen gehaltenen Bitcoin, wobei das Unternehmen 42.902 BTC im Wert von fast 2,1 Mrd. $ angehäuft hat.

Private Unternehmen haben weitere 174.068 BTC im Wert von 8,5 Mio. $ absorbiert und halten damit 0,83 % des Bitcoin-Angebots. Etwa 80 % der von privaten Unternehmen gebunkerten BTC befinden sich im Besitz von Block.One – das Unternehmen sitzt derzeit auf 140.000 BTC im Wert von 6,8 Milliarden Dollar.

Die Schätzungen der Datenanbieter variieren jedoch, wobei Bitcoin Treasuries in den Bilanzen von Vermögensverwaltern und Unternehmen 1,4 Millionen BTC ausmachen. Weitere 260.000 BTC werden den Bilanzen der nationalen Regierungen zugeschrieben.

Der Bitcoin-Vorrat wird bei 21 Millionen BTC enden, wobei Analysten schätzen, dass der letzte Bitcoin im Jahr 2140 geschürft wird. Zum Zeitpunkt der Erstellung dieses Berichts befinden sich etwa 18,8 Millionen BTC im Umlauf. Es wird jedoch angenommen, dass der Zugang zu einem Fünftel aller Bitcoin (oder mehr) verloren gegangen ist, was bedeutet, dass Vermögensverwalter und Unternehmen einen noch größeren Anteil des Angebots kontrollieren könnten.

Während große Unternehmen BTC verschlingen, scheint Ethereum nach den Upgrades in London, mit denen ein Verbrennungsmechanismus auf dem Gebührenmarkt für Kryptowährungen eingeführt wurde, einen eigenen Angebotsschock erlitten zu haben.

Laut Watch The Burn wurden in den 21 Tagen seit London 97.369 Ether im Wert von 313,5 Millionen Dollar vernichtet, was bedeutet, dass im Durchschnitt täglich etwa 4.637 ETH verbrannt werden. Insgesamt hat der Burn-Mechanismus von Ethereum dazu geführt, dass die Anzahl der neu geprägten Ether, die in das Angebot gelangen, um 35 % gesunken ist.

The 2 best Bitcoin CFD brokers (including instructions)

If you speculate correctly when trading Bitcoin CFDs, you can expect high profits. But on which broker should you trade contracts for difference on cryptocurrencies? Find out more about two of the best Bitcoin CFD brokers here.

What is Bitcoin CFD trading?

When trading Bitcoin CFDs, you do not own any real Bitcoins. Instead, you speculate on the price development within a certain period of time. At the end of the trade you will get the return from the price movement, if you have speculated correctly.

An important tool when trading CFDs is leverage. With the help of the lever, you act as if you had deposited a multiple of the amount invested. This allows one to make high profits even with low investments.

The 2 best Bitcoin CFD brokers

When trading Bitcoin CFDs, you do not own any real Bitcoins. Instead, you speculate on the price development within a certain period of time. At the end of the trade you will get the return from the price movement, if you have speculated correctly.

An important tool when trading CFDs is leverage. With the help of the lever, you act as if you had deposited a multiple of the amount invested. This allows one to make high profits even with low investments.

Plus500: Number 1 in Germany

Plus500 is one of the largest CFD brokers in the world. Founded in 2008, the company is based in the UK and is regulated by the UK Financial Regulator (FCA). Plus500 mainly focuses on trading contracts for difference – including Bitcoin.

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To register, go to the main page of Plus500 and click on „Register“ at the top of the tab. You will be taken to the login screen.

To the Plus500 platform

76.4% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs from this provider. You should consider whether you can afford the high risk of losing your money.

Then click on „Create Account“. Enter an email address and password here. You don’t have to do more to register.

The verification of your account is not yet complete. As soon as you go to cryptocurrencies and want to start trading, a new window opens.

Enter your name and date of birth here. Confirm the following tax information and enter your home address. Plus500 will then ask you a few questions about your trading experience.

This includes a small quiz about CFD trading. Answer the questions as best you can. This completes the registration.

Step 2: deposit money

Plus500 will then introduce you to the options for depositing money. Select a suitable payment service provider and the desired amount. You should pay attention to the minimum and maximum amount.

Once the funds are in your account, you can start trading. To do this, go to „Trade“ in the left bar and then to „Cryptocurrencies“. Bitcoin should be right on top.

a window is opening. Enter the amount of Bitcoin that you want to trade here. You will immediately see the required margin. That is the amount you have to pay to trade.

New US „Stable Act“ could derail DeFi and stablecoins

New legislation in the United States could pose a danger to the Stablecoins and the industry as a whole.

This new law could put up to $1 trillion worth of transactions at risk.

Regulatory crackdowns such as this one could lead to an exodus of Stablecoin issuers from the U.S. coasts.

The Trust Project is an international consortium of media organisations based on transparency standards.

The ecosystem of decentralised finance is developing rapidly and is beginning to attract the attention of regulatory bodies. A new law in the United States could endanger Stablecoins and the entire sector.


Stablecoins are the backbone of DeFi, providing the lion’s share of liquidity in the ever-increasing number of yield and lending incentives. According to a new study by IntoTheBlock, new regulatory measures could jeopardise $1 trillion worth of transactions in the nascent financial sector.

Demand and issuance of stable coins surged in 2020. Tether alone has increased its market capitalization and supply by nearly 400% since January. There is now more than $20 billion in USDT in circulation, and regulators are beginning to worry.


Tether USDT Bitcoin
What is the Stable Act
A new US Congressional bill called the „Stable Act“ proposes strict regulations for issuers of stable currency such as Tether. The most important proposal is that all stablecoin issuers must have a bank charter or license, which is not currently the case.

As Defiant’s latest newsletter indicates, such a crackdown could pose a significant threat to the DeFi industry, which is largely driven by stablecoins such as the USDT, USDC and DAI.

The Stable Act also provides for the introduction of a reporting and approval requirement by the Federal Reserve at least six months prior to any new issuance of stablecoin. Ongoing auditing will also be a new requirement if the Bill is passed. Another proposed rule is the insurance or storage of Stablecoin reserves directly to the Federal Reserve, facilitating on-demand conversion into USD.

If the Stable Act is passed, it will have a huge impact on the entire crypto industry.

Stablecoin Market
Multi-billion dollar transactions
According to IntoTheBlock analyst Lucas Outumuro, who wrote the article, transactions involving stablecoins could be illegal if these strict regulations come into force.

In 2020, the cumulative amount of transactions to date between the USDT, USDC and DAI is more than $1.04 trillion, all of which would be considered illegal if the Stable Act were passed at that time.

He added that centralized stablecoins such as the USDT and USDC, which now have more than $3.3 billion in circulation, could apply for a bank charter and meet the strict new requirements, but decentralized assets such as the DAI would be in trouble.

In addition, the bill also targets stablecoin validation software, which is considered illegal if it is not registered as a chartered bank. This would put Ethereum in the line of fire since the majority of current stablecoins are based on the ERC-20 standard.

The European Central Bank has also warned about Stablecoins and a major regulatory measure such as this could lead to an exodus of Stablecoin issuers from the United States.

Today the price of bitcoin reached a new all-time high, surpassing $22,000.

Indeed, during the course of the day it seems to be even pushing towards $23,000, although for now this threshold has not yet been reached.

The fact is that, after having broken yesterday the barrier of $19,900, recording a new all-time high, it is not finding further barriers that would block the increase in the short term.

According to some analysts the next resistance could be at $24,000, but according to others the price in this phase could even go up to $25,000.

Compared to the level reached yesterday morning, just below $19,500, the gain so far has been more than 15% in less than 24 hours.
Bitcoin’s price climb to $22,000.

This is a real parabolic climb, for which it is difficult to assume a long duration.

Among other things, the month of December began with a price around $19,300, then dropped below $18,000 on December 11, and returned to $19,300 two days later. Since then it has been for about three days just below $19,500, and then literally exploded in the last few days.

It should be noted that during the month of November the price had already increased by 40%, given that at the beginning of the month it was still below $14,000, and that also considering today’s increases, during 2020 for now it has increased by over 210%.

To tell the truth, until mid-October the price increase had not followed a parabolic trend, going from $7,200 to $11,500 in nine and a half months, but starting from October 21st it has literally shot up, first with a jump to over $13,000, then with a second one that took it over $15,000, followed by a third one that allowed it to exceed even $19,000, and a fourth one that is still in progress.

Although it is difficult to imagine where and when it will stop, there are some parameters that suggest that sooner or later the uptrend could stop, triggering a retracement. However, not only is it difficult to imagine precisely when and where the uptrend might stop, but it is even more difficult to imagine when a retracement might be triggered, and up to what level it might drive the price down.

Dan Tapiero: Bitcoin price could hit $ 100,000 if its pattern was repeated

The Bitcoin price has increased fourfold since March.

The Bitcoin ( BTC ) price has quadrupled in the past nine months. That means another similar rally could hit $ 100,000 soon.

Dan Tapiero, the co-founder of 10T Holdings, doesn’t think Bitcoin will hit $ 100,000 in the next nine months. But, according to him, that shows how fast the asset is growing and how great its long-term potential is. He wrote :

„Noteworthy when you consider that #Bitcoin was just 9 months ago at $ 4,000. To date, it’s rallied nearly 500 percent. A rally 500 percent from here brings us to $ 100,000 #BTC . Don’t think it can happen in 9 months, but that would just repeat the past 9 months. Difficult to pin down a market that’s growing so fast. “

Why is Bitcoin growing so fast?

Bitcoin moved rapidly through 2020 due to three factors. First, the reduction in new supply following the halving in May has significantly reduced selling pressure.

Second, rising institutional demand has increased buying pressure for BTC significantly.

Third, longtime BTC owners continue to show their confidence , which has fueled market sentiment.

For institutions, Bitcoin’s sudden drop to below $ 4,000 in early 2020 was also a very attractive entry point. During the March slump caused by the pandemic, it was one of the worst performing assets, falling about 50 percent on BitMEX to just $ 3,596.

Since then, Bitcoin has proven its resilience and stamina, and eventually bounced back to its all-time high. It hit a new record high of over $ 19,982 on Coinbase on December 1 .

At the same time , investors like MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor believe that BTC is now in a much stronger position compared to the previous bull market. For one thing, today’s interest from private individuals is only a fraction of what it was during the peak of the rally in December 2017.

In addition, Bitcoin is now more often seen as a digital store of value and a must in every portfolio . This has strengthened Bitcoin’s image among large investors, but record institutional inflows also contributed. All of this makes a six-digit rate possible as early as next year. Some analysts have even forecast $ 200,000 and more by December 2021 .

„Digital gold“

Often referred to as „digital gold,“ one of the bullish aspects of Bitcoin is that Bitcoin ties its value to the precious metal. Bitcoin’s market cap is $ 300 billion, which is just 3 percent of the market cap of gold, which is $ 9 trillion. US dollar lies. When BTC hits $ 100,000, there would be only 23 percent between them.

Bitcoin value has risen 100 percent versus gold since September. With 1 BTC you can now buy over 10 ounces of gold. At the same time, analysts have observed record outflows from the gold market in recent months. Some of that money ended up in Bitcoin .

Court of Justice of Pará hacked with message: „hacking guilty“

The hacker D3coder told Livecoins that the group is made up of students who invade government websites for „pure fun“.

The offensive of hacker groups against the Brazilian justice system continues and there is no sign that they will give up. This time the Court of Justice of Pará was invaded by the NDA hacker group.

The NDA (Noias do Amazonas) is a Brazilian hacker group that is also involved in recent cases, such as the CNJ hack, dataSUS and TJMSP.

The hackers left a message on the website of the Court of Justice of Pará mentioning the case of Mariana Ferrer.

„Hacking culpably, hacking without the intention of hacking kkk (sic)“

In addition to the message on the controversial case of the young girl, information was left to the TJPA’s system administrator. The hacker says the administrator could rest assured that no ransomware was installed on the system.

Ransomware is a type of virus that encrypts files from the computer and most of the time a ransom is requested for release.

„Hail admin, rest assured that we will not touch any ransomware! hahaha(sic)“

The attack was done through automated tools that find vulnerabilities in systems, the same type of attack performed in DATASUS and CNJ. Some Linux distributions have an arsenal of tools to find these vulnerabilities, Kali Linux and Parrot Security are some examples.

Therefore, it may be that the systems of the courts are outdated and thus with old flaws that are being exploited.

Attack is coordinated

In conversation with Bitcoin Fast Profit the hacker said that the attack is coordinated and has a relationship with other hacks happening in Brazil. At least 10 government agencies are being attacked, the NDA hacker group is responsible for 4 of them (for now).

„We attacked government website for pure fun“

Asked about the motivation for the attacks, the D3coder hacker told us that it is for fun. According to him, the group is made up of students who invade government websites for „pure fun“.

„We are a group of students who invade government websites for pure fun“

Attack unrelated to STJ

Asked if these recent attacks have any connection with the STJ, the hacker said they do not. According to him, the STJ attack was carried out by a hacker alone.

„STJ as far as I know was a lonely guy“

At the time of writing this article the site was still hacked. The Court was asked to comment but until the closing we did not receive a note, the matter will be updated

Si la historia rima, Bitcoin verá fuertes correcciones antes de nuevos máximos

Bitcoin se encuentra claramente en un mercado alcista en toda regla, y cada caída es absorbida agresivamente por los compradores a medida que continúa subiendo.

A diferencia de los rallies de BTC del pasado, este último ha sido principalmente un movimiento lento más alto, lo que es un testimonio de la maduración de las criptomonedas como un activo.
Ha visto algunos retrocesos fuertes a lo largo de este reciente impulso al alza, pero es importante tener en cuenta que los compradores han revertido rápidamente todos estos
Un comerciante veterano ahora está notando que Bitcoin históricamente ve alrededor de 9 fuertes retrocesos, con un promedio del 37%, durante las tendencias alcistas de varios años.

Esto significa que en los próximos meses y años, la criptografía podría experimentar algunas caídas bruscas.

Bitcoin y todo el mercado de las criptomonedas se han vuelto cada vez más fuertes con cada día que pasa.

Los osos han intentado hacerse con el control del activo digital de referencia en múltiples ocasiones, pero no han podido hacerlo por completo.
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El futuro de todas las tendencias del mercado dependerá en gran medida de si los compradores pueden seguir rompiendo los altos niveles de resistencia del marco temporal que se encuentran justo por encima de donde se negocia actualmente.

Un comerciante veterano también está señalando que si bien Bitcoin aún no ha visto ninguna venta masiva, es una gran posibilidad que la criptomoneda vea algo en los próximos meses a medida que continúe su tendencia alcista macro.
Bitcoin se acerca a los máximos de 2020 mientras los toros flexionan su fuerza

En el momento de escribir este artículo, Bitcoin se cotiza más del 3% a su precio actual de $ 16,420. Esto es solo un pelo por debajo de sus máximos recientes de $ 16,500 establecidos hace solo unos días.

Si puede romper la resistencia en $ 16,500 y subir hacia $ 17,000, podría estar a punto de ser catapultado a sus máximos históricos anteriores.

Es probable que haya un rechazo aquí, pero no está claro cuánto tiempo se mantendrá este nivel como resistencia.
Comerciante veterano afirma que BTC puede experimentar algunos retrocesos graves

Un comerciante veterano explicó que, aunque la acción del precio de Bitcoin es increíblemente fuerte, cree que la criptomoneda podría experimentar algunos retrocesos importantes en el futuro sin dejar de mantener su tendencia alcista.

Señala que, históricamente, BTC ve alrededor de 9 correcciones significativas a lo largo del curso de una tendencia alcista macro.

“Durante el mercado alcista de 2015-2017 en Bitcoin $ BTC, hubo 9 correcciones significativas con los siguientes promedios: 37% de disminución de mayor a menor. 14 semanas de un ATH al siguiente ATH. Desde el mínimo de principios de septiembre ha habido dos correcciones del 10% „.


Esto significa que los inversores no deberían alarmarse si Bitcoin ve una corrección pronunciada en las próximas semanas y meses.

Le prix du bitcoin approche les 17 000 dollars alors que les stocks augmentent grâce au nouveau vaccin COVID-19

Bitcoin a atteint un nouveau sommet annuel après l’annonce que le vaccin contre le coronavirus de Moderna s’avère désormais efficace à plus de 94 % pour arrêter le virus.

C’est le début d’une nouvelle semaine

C’est le début d’une nouvelle semaine, et il y a beaucoup de bonnes nouvelles pour les investisseurs, les commerçants… et, bien, pour presque tout le monde : un autre vaccin COVID-19 montre des signes de préparation pour les masses, et les marchés se sentent bien. Crypto Bank se négocie à près de 17 000 dollars la pièce, ce qui représente un nouveau record pour 2020, alors que les marchés boursiers traditionnels sont en plein essor.

Il y a quelques heures, Moderna Labs a annoncé des résultats positifs pour un éventuel vaccin contre le coronavirus, que la société a testé sur un groupe de 30 000 personnes. Le vaccin s’est révélé efficace à 94,5 %, surpassant ainsi ses deux principaux concurrents : Pfizer – qui a été efficace à un peu plus de 90 % – et le vaccin russe Spoutnik V, avec 92 % d’efficacité déclarée.

Et, ce n’est probablement pas une coïncidence, le marché des bitcoins et le marché boursier sont tous les deux en hausse suite à ces nouvelles. Le NASDAQ a augmenté de 65 points pour atteindre 11 894,41, avec une hausse de 0,55 % tout au long de la journée. Le Dow Jones a enregistré un bon 382 points de plus pour atteindre confortablement 29 862,10 points, soit une hausse de 1,3 %, tandis que le S&P 500 a augmenté de 0,83 % pour atteindre 3 614,74 points après l’annonce.

Comme on pouvait s’y attendre, les cours des actions Pfizer et Moderna ont également évolué aujourd’hui aux actualités. L’action Pfizer a chuté de 37,95 $ à 36,85 $ en une journée et a perdu tous les bénéfices qu’elle avait réalisés après l’annonce de ses propres vaccins. Pendant ce temps, Moderna a enregistré un cours record de 103,20 dollars avant de corriger à 97,40 dollars par action.

Dans le même temps, Bitcoin continue de grimper

Dans le même temps, Bitcoin continue de grimper de plus en plus haut sur sa tendance haussière. La plus grande cryptocouronne par capitalisation boursière se négocie actuellement à près de 17 000 dollars par pièce : elle s’échange actuellement à 16 800 dollars, soit une hausse de près de 6 % sur la journée.

Les traders de Bitcoin ont repéré ce prix pour la dernière fois lors de la dernière bougie verte de 2018 (avant que la cryptocarte ne s’effondre à 3 000 dollars le 6 janvier 2018). Bitcoin entre donc à nouveau dans l’histoire aujourd’hui.

Bitcoin est sur une trajectoire ascendante depuis le crash de la mi-mars provoqué par le coronavirus. Sa performance au cours des derniers mois peut être due à plusieurs facteurs, dont son adoption par de grandes institutions, ce qui peut être perçu comme des changements politiques favorables et une analyse de plus en plus optimiste de la part de grands noms de la finance traditionnelle.

Ainsi, que l’actualité de COVID ait fait bouger l’aiguille chez les crypto-traders ou non, sa montée en puissance en ces temps incertains soulève la question : Un retour à la normale pour le monde et son économie sera-t-il tôt ou tard bénéfique pour Bitcoin?

Volume de comércio de Bitcoin P2P: A Índia testemunha um crescimento maciço

  • Índia Bitcoin P2P cresceu maciçamente no comércio
  • A adoção do ativo criptográfico também está crescendo

A Índia e a China são atualmente os países líderes quando se trata de comércio de Bitcoin peer-to-peer.

A Índia registrou um enorme crescimento em suas negociações de P2P este ano. A este ritmo, o país está prestes a superar a China como o principal contribuinte para o volume de transações P2P asiáticas.

A China proibiu que sua população em plena expansão comprasse diretamente o ativo criptográfico usando sua moeda Yuan, o que levou a uma queda na quantidade de negócios realizados com a moeda. A Índia, por outro lado, tem visto um aumento em seus negócios.

Com o aumento do valor da moeda, muitos comerciantes se tornaram mais inclinados a aumentar suas trocas comerciais com a moeda. Não apenas isso, houve um rápido aumento no número de postos de trabalho iniciais na indústria de criptografia.

O crescimento da Índia no comércio de P2P

Relatórios mostraram que a LocalBitcoin tinha dominado o mercado de criptografia do país, até setembro, quando tentou implementar as diretrizes da KYC.

A Paxful conseguiu conquistar uma fatia importante do mercado quando implementou o guia KYC. Isto, no entanto, não impediu que o volume de comércio da Ásia parasse de cair no nariz.

O crescimento do comércio de P2P na Índia pode ser ligado ao julgamento da Suprema Corte indiana que anulou a proibição imposta pela RBI aos ativos criptográficos no início do ano.

O preço do Bitcoin continua subindo

O preço do Bitcoin subiu drasticamente nas últimas duas a três semanas. Atualmente, a moeda está sendo vendida por mais de $15.000.

A moeda havia sofrido um mergulho em seu preço devido à pandemia no início do ano, mas tem subido constantemente. Muitos analistas previram que a moeda poderia continuar a ser vendida por até $20.000.

A taxa de adoção e aceitação da Bitcoin tem crescido imensamente. Instituições como PayPal, Square etc. têm desempenhado um papel ativo na aceitação da moeda.