The hacker D3coder told Livecoins that the group is made up of students who invade government websites for „pure fun“.

The offensive of hacker groups against the Brazilian justice system continues and there is no sign that they will give up. This time the Court of Justice of Pará was invaded by the NDA hacker group.

The NDA (Noias do Amazonas) is a Brazilian hacker group that is also involved in recent cases, such as the CNJ hack, dataSUS and TJMSP.

The hackers left a message on the website of the Court of Justice of Pará mentioning the case of Mariana Ferrer.

„Hacking culpably, hacking without the intention of hacking kkk (sic)“

In addition to the message on the controversial case of the young girl, information was left to the TJPA’s system administrator. The hacker says the administrator could rest assured that no ransomware was installed on the system.

Ransomware is a type of virus that encrypts files from the computer and most of the time a ransom is requested for release.

„Hail admin, rest assured that we will not touch any ransomware! hahaha(sic)“

The attack was done through automated tools that find vulnerabilities in systems, the same type of attack performed in DATASUS and CNJ. Some Linux distributions have an arsenal of tools to find these vulnerabilities, Kali Linux and Parrot Security are some examples.

Therefore, it may be that the systems of the courts are outdated and thus with old flaws that are being exploited.

Attack is coordinated

In conversation with Bitcoin Fast Profit the hacker said that the attack is coordinated and has a relationship with other hacks happening in Brazil. At least 10 government agencies are being attacked, the NDA hacker group is responsible for 4 of them (for now).

„We attacked government website for pure fun“

Asked about the motivation for the attacks, the D3coder hacker told us that it is for fun. According to him, the group is made up of students who invade government websites for „pure fun“.

„We are a group of students who invade government websites for pure fun“

Attack unrelated to STJ

Asked if these recent attacks have any connection with the STJ, the hacker said they do not. According to him, the STJ attack was carried out by a hacker alone.

„STJ as far as I know was a lonely guy“

At the time of writing this article the site was still hacked. The Court was asked to comment but until the closing we did not receive a note, the matter will be updated

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