• Bitcoin tried to challenge $17,000 hours ago but was stopped before having the chance to come close.
• Solana’s price performance has been quite positive ever since Vitalik Buterin’s comments.
• The altcoins have calmed since yesterday’s impressive gains, except for Solana, which continues to recover its recent losses and LDO.

The cryptocurrency market has been quite volatile in the past few days, particularly when it comes to the price of Bitcoin. After remaining relatively stable around the $16,500 mark for most of the end of 2022, the primary cryptocurrency made a sudden jump yesterday, attempting to break the $17,000 barrier. Unfortunately, it was stopped before it had the chance to reach that level, at least for now.

As for the altcoins, the market has calmed since yesterday’s impressive gains, with most of them staying relatively stable. The exception to this is Solana, which has been on a steady recovery ever since Vitalik Buterin’s comments on the blockchain. It has already reached a 10-day high and looks set to keep going. LDO has also been doing well, with its price increasing significantly in the past few days.

Overall, the cryptocurrency market is looking quite positive, with Bitcoin’s attempt to break the $17,000 barrier being a particularly encouraging sign. With more positive predictions for 2023, it could be a great year for the cryptocurrency industry.

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