• BALD token has skyrocketed by 40,000%, but the good times may be over as it’s been announced that the team rug pulled.
• LEET, the token of Base’s largest decentralized exchange LeetSwap, also plunged by 40%.
• Coinbase’s Base applied a security first mindset ahead of its mainnet launch.

BALD Token Skyrockets By 40,000%

The BALD token on Base chain has recently seen a massive spike in value with an increase of over 40,000%. This sudden growth was impressive and made BALD one of the hottest tokens on the network.

Alleged Rug Pull Causes LEET to Crash

Following news that BALD’s team had rug pulled, LEET – the token of Base’s largest decentralized exchange LeetSwap – also experienced significant losses plummeting by 40%. It appears that investors were anticipating a similar fate for LEET and sold their holdings as soon as they heard about the rug pull.

Coinbase Applies Security First Mindset Ahead Of Mainnet Launch

Coinbase’s new blockchain network, Base, is applying a security first mindset ahead of its mainnet launch. The team has implemented rigorous security protocols to protect users from any malicious activities or hacks. They have also tested their network to ensure that it can handle heavy loads without issues.

Official Statements From BALD Team

The supposed developer behind BALD released two official statements regarding their actions. In one statement they claimed not to have sold any tokens since deployment and in another they praised BASE chain for being able to handle heavy load quite well.

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