• SIMBA Chain and Alitheon have partnered to provide end-to-end authentication and verification for physical goods.
• The technology integration uses SIMBA’s blockchain platform to enable Alitheon’s FeaturePrint® system to authenticate, trace and certify physical items.
• This will allow customers to take ownership of digitized products while ensuring the authenticity of each item through its commercial lifecycle.

SIMBA Chain & Alitheon Partner

SIMBA Chain, the builder of Blocks, an enterprise-grade platform that abstracts the complexities of blockchain development, has announced a go-to-market partnering agreement with Alitheon, the provider of FeaturePrint®, a machine-vision-based solution for authentication and traceability of physical goods.

Authentication & Verification

The integration enables Alitheon to provide customers with the ability to certify the authenticity and take ownership of digitized physical items using the blockchain-based FeaturePrint® system. SIMBA will extend Alitheon’s FeaturePrint to its own customer base, allowing them to first authenticate, then trace physical products through their commercial lifecycle.

FeaturePrint® Technology

FeaturePrint® allows for immediate authentication of an item using a smartphone via advanced optical AI technology that digitizes items. Additionally, SIMBA provides infrastructure that allows tracking real world items throughout their lifecycle by tying each physical item issued by a manufacturer to a unique NFT which acts as its digital twin.

Traceability & Ownership

This partnership between SIMBA Chain and Alitheon will enable customers to ensure the authenticity of their product throughout its lifecycle from warehouse to customer, second hand buyer and beyond. In addition it provides customers with complete ownership over digitized goods eliminating any possibility for replication or fraud.


The pairing between SIMBA Chain’s enterprise blockchain platform and Alitheon’s FeaturePrint® system offers immense benefits in terms of authentication and certification for both companies‘ customer bases enabling them ultimate control over their goods including instant authentication as well as traceability throughout its commercial life cycle.

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