• Tulipart.com is a collection of 10,000 unique tulip NFTs that are minted daily over 7 years.
• Each Tulip NFT consists of 6 different components, ranging from common to exclusive.
• To acquire a Tulip NFT, $LAND tokens must be held and staked, with higher amounts providing better chances of winning.

About Tulipart

Tulipart.com is a cutting-edge platform fostering the innovation and creativity within the cryptocurrency and NFT landscapes. Based in Zug, Switzerland, a global hub for blockchain technology, Tulipart.com is the epicenter of a unique collection of 10,000 one-of-a-kind tulip NFTs, set to be minted over a period of seven years.

How to Acquire A Tulip NFT

To acquire a Tulip NFT, $LAND tokens must be held and staked; staking higher amounts increases the chances of winning one each day. The ongoing airdrop at Tulipart allows any Ethereum address holder to check their participation eligibility and procure $LAND without cost. Ineligibility for the airdrop doesn’t impede the opportunity to get $LAND on Uniswap either; this further enhances the probability of winning one’s desired Tulip NFT.

Components Of A TuliPart NFT

Each individual tulip Non-Fungible Token (NFT) consist of six components ranging from common to exclusive which makes them more or less rare depending on how many components it has in total:

• Common – standard design & color
• Rare – specific design & color
• Epic – unique design & color
• Legendary – special edition design & color
• Mythic – limited edition design & color
• Eternal – collector’s edition design & color

Special Offer

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     Tuliptract provides an interesting way for blockchain enthusiasts and crypto investors alike to gain access to special edition collectibles that can appreciate over time as digital scarcity increases with demand for these types of assets grows even stronger in the future!

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