• Wiboo is a Brazilian company with the mission of decentralizing digital marketing.
• Their token, Wibx, already supports 500k users and has been expanded to use cases in music, gaming and immersive technology.
• The latest project from Wiboo is a virtual shopping mall within a metaverse where customers can purchase products using their tokens.

Wiboo: Decentralizing Digital Marketing

Wiboo is an emerging Brazilian company with the goal of decentralizing digital marketing. To achieve this goal, they have created a platform that rewards users for sharing sponsored content and driving traffic, registrations and sales for large companies. This platform has over 500 thousand users and the reward for taking part in the activity is their own cryptocurrency token – Wibx.

Expanded Use Cases

The utility of Wibx has been extended to new use cases beyond digital marketing, including applications in games, music, and immersive technology industries. One particularly exciting project is the development of a virtual shopping mall within a metaverse environment where customers can pay with their tokens to purchase products from different companies around the world.

Unbanked Population Support

In Brazil alone there are more than 50 million people who are unbanked – meaning they do not have access to traditional banking services or accounts. This presents an opportunity for Wiboo’s application which allows these people to make purchases using their tokens instead of traditional currency. This helps support those who may otherwise be excluded from making certain purchases due to lack of access to financial services or accounts.

Reducing Marketing Costs

By utilizing the nano-influencer platform developed by Wiboo, large companies have seen success in reducing customer acquisition costs (CAC) as well as traffic costs associated with branded content sharing activities. This makes it possible for these larger companies to reach more potential customers without having to invest as much money into their marketing efforts as they would need otherwise.


Wiboo’s mission of decentralizing digital marketing has resulted in numerous successes so far and shows great potential for further growth both in terms of its user base and its expanding range of uses cases thanks to its cryptocurrency token – Wibx.. With its latest project being a virtual shopping mall within a metaverse environment, it is clear that this company will continue striving towards achieving even greater success while helping unbanked individuals make purchases and supporting large companies in reducing their CACs through innovative measures such as branded content sharing activities on nano-influencer platforms

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